Business has turned 80 percent

Our factories and outlets were closed after a lock down was issued in the last week of March to prevent corona infection. Our factory in Singair was closed for about two months. Later, sales outlets and factories gradually opened

However, the sale of furniture is comparatively less as there are no essential items like food, clothing and shelter. Apart from that, human income has not returned to its previous state. Due to this business was not normal. Even then, we are able to continue our business as we get loans from the government’s incentive package. At present, the business has turned 80 percent more than usual.

Nadia Furniture has six hundred and fifty workers. After the lock down, the workers moved to their village homes. Some workers were in and around Dhaka. When we started production at the factory after the lock down, we got 25-30 percent workers. Although the number of workers gradually increased, some workers who worked for daily wages did not return. They stayed in the village house. We have lost some skilled workers.

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