Pfizer vaccines will work to prevent new types of corona

Bioentech-Pfizer vaccine will also work against new strains of coronavirus (Stain) infection, said Ugur Shahin, lead researcher and proprietor of Bioentech. Earlier on Monday, German Health Minister Yen Spann said European Union (EU) experts believed the current vaccine was effective against a new type of coronavirus identified in the UK.

Ugur Shahin speaks to the German Press Agency last night after the new corona (modified form) of the corona spread to several European countries, including the United Kingdom. “I believe the Bioentech-Pfizer vaccine will work against the new coronavirus stain in the UK,” he said. I am confident about the subject from a scientific point of view. We have already tested the viability of our vaccine against 20 other mutated viruses. The vaccine has always neutralized other mutated viruses during research and testing. ‘

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