Things to do to get the full benefits of the Padma Bridge

The main humanitarian use of the Padma Bridge is to alleviate the long time waste and inconvenience of ferry crossings by people. The economic benefits of this bridge are time saving, fuel consumption and labor saving. The Padma Bridge will save raw and perishable agricultural products and fisheries economy.

At present, ferry crossings require an average of one and a half to three hours (up to about six hours during Eid and traffic jams), which will come down to the Padma Bridge in just 15 minutes. But even if you cross the Padma Bridge and reach the Buriganga Bridge in a very short time, if you do not improve the traffic management at the entrance of Dhaka, some of the labor hours, hardships and economic benefits earned here will be wasted.

In particular, the full benefits of the Padma Bridge cannot be enjoyed if the traffic congestion at Postagola Bridge-Postagola Bus Stand and Babubazar Bridge-Babubazar Junction in Dhaka is not controlled.

At present, the total number of vehicles heading to Dhaka during peak hours is very low due to the slowness of ferry crossings. As a result, if the Padma bridge is opened, the traffic pattern of the two entrances may change during the busy time of the day. Keeping the entrance of Dhaka free from traffic congestion is directly related to the full benefits of the Padma Bridge or all the economic benefits.

Contributed by- Mahbubur Rahman, Editor, Web News.

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