What is the future of Hamas?

They are running towards Israel, led by Mohammed bin Salman and Crown Prince bin Zayed of the UAE and from behind, Trump and his son-in-law Kushner are waving. Kushner is called the “Lawrence of Arabia” in modern times. After Bahrain and Sudan, Morocco is the latest to join the fray. They have accepted the Israeli occupation, abandoning the tradition of ancestral resistance and left the Palestinians. However, Hamas has announced that it will continue its organized resistance against these countries and Israel. Hamas, like other Arab countries, has refused to recognize Israel.

In the late Soviet era, Yasser Arafat left the struggle and walked the path of negotiation. Prominent theorists like Akbar Hossain and Edward Said then took a stand against this discussion. Because of Arafat’s war fatigue and the chaotic state of the movement as a whole, Edward Saidra did not see the possibility of coming to the negotiating table with the highly organized Western states. But Arafat did not listen to Saeed. The defeat of the Palestinians has not stopped. The hatred of the “Arab states” and the unwavering support of the Western world, especially the United States and the British, for Israel, has pushed the plight of the Palestinians to the brink of death.

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