Problems and possibilities of Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar has been attracting tourists since time immemorial as it is naturally attractive. As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country, Cox’s Bazar attracts a lot of domestic tourists throughout the year.

The government has taken various steps to make the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar attractive. Which has already begun to be implemented. Many institutions have been established in Cox’s Bazar as a tourist destination. There are innumerable hotel cottages, motels, five star hotels and food hotels built on private initiative.

At present, tourists are suffering due to poor communication system. Most of the tourists travel by road, Cox’s Bazar cannot be reached on time as the road system is not improved. The government has taken various steps to develop the Cox’s Bazar road. If these are implemented, the suffering will be reduced. Railways are being constructed up to Cox’s Bazar to make communication with Cox’s Bazar faster and more comfortable. Railway work is progressing fast. Rail communication is expected to start by 2022. High quality rail service is being provided here. The number of tourists in Cox’s Bazar will increase tenfold if rail communication is introduced. Because rail travel is comfortable and safe, domestic and foreign tourists will be interested in coming to Cox’s Bazar. The 128 km long road from Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar will pass through the green hills. With the introduction of railways to Cox’s Bazar, the appearance of Cox’s Bazar will change completely.

The tourism industry of our country is advancing day by day. The tourism industry is now making a good income. If the development projects of Cox’s Bazar are implemented, Cox’s Bazar will be one of the tourist destinations in Asia. We hope that in the interest of the country’s tourism industry and tourists, the government will take immediate and effective steps to develop the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar.

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