Rail Slab of Padma Bridge 100% complete

The construction work of the railway slab of the Padma Bridge has been completed. There are only 19 road slabs left. The project authorities are hopeful that the slab construction work will be completed within the next one month. Till now 47% road slabs have been installed. It will take more than 6 months to complete the work of laying 100% slab on the span. Road and rail slabs have been laid for about 2 km at the Jazira end.

Construction of these slabs is underway at Mawa Kumarbhog Yard. 2,891 road slabs and 2,959 railway slabs of the bridge are being constructed in this yard. The good news is that the construction of 100% of the railway slabs has already been completed. The work of making road slabs is also nearing completion. There are only 19 left.

After the construction work, these slabs are being taken to the river with the help of floating barges. Road and rail slabs are being attached to the spans sitting on the pillars with the help of cranes. So far 1,361 road slabs have been installed and 1,984 rail slabs have been added.

Shafiqul Islam, project director of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge, said it was easy to work on the railway deck. Which is 80 percent of our work done. And it takes more than 1 month to span one by one. So this work has to be done with a little time.

However, the work of constructing parapets for the construction of about 25 km of railings on both sides of the bridge and viaduct is progressing a little slower than that. Out of a total of 12,000 parapets, 6,000 have been built and only 22 have been installed on the bridge.

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