Corona is not a big pandemic, more could come: WHO

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a very deadly shape. It has had a devastating effect on the world. In this context, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the ongoing pandemic is not a major epidemic, it could lead to more pandemic. The world needs to prepare for that. And the world must learn to live with the moving corona.

The WHO spoke of this warning at the last media briefing of the year on Corona on Monday. The news agency AFP and The Guardian reported this information.

At the briefing, WHO expert Professor David Heyman said that even after the vaccine was introduced, the corona’s destiny was to become a local disease.

“It’s a warning,” said Michael Ryan, head of WHO’s emergency program in Corona.

Michael Ryan said the pandemic is very deadly. It has spread around the world very fast. It has affected every corner of this planet. But it is certainly not a major pandemic.

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