India approved two corona’s Vaccine

India has approved the use of two coronavirus vaccines. This information was given in the report of NDTV online.

The country’s drug regulator (DCGI) on Sunday gave emergency approval to two vaccines following a recommendation by an expert panel appointed by the Indian government.

The two approved vaccines are Kovacin from Bharat Biotech and Kovishield from the Serum Institute.

DCGI chief VG Somani said today that both India Biotech and Serum Institute submitted their ticker trial data. After reviewing that information, the emergency use of the two vaccines has been approved.

VG Somani said, ‘Even if there is the slightest concern about security, we never approve of it. Approved vaccines are 100% safe.

India Biotech is a Hyderabad based company in India. They have developed a vaccine called ‘Kovacin’ in the native method.

Serum Institute is a Pune based institution. They are one of the partners in the Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine Project. The Serum Institute has produced this vaccine in India under the name ‘Kovishield’.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was first approved in the United Kingdom. The Bangladesh government has entered into agreements with the Serum Institute of India and Beximco Pharmaceuticals of Bangladesh to get the Oxford vaccine.

Bangladesh will bring 30 million vaccines from India’s Serum Institute. The vaccine will be provided by Beximco Pharmaceuticals.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator. This tick is to be taken in two doses. The interval between the two doses is four weeks.

India has completed two of the three trial steps of Biotech’s ‘Covacin’ vaccine. India Biotech started the third phase trial of the vaccine last November. The trial of this step is still going on.

The effectiveness of the tick is tested in the third stage trial. As a result, there was a lack of information on the effectiveness of the covacin vaccine, which was approved for emergency use in India.

Sabita Verma, a professor of pharmacology associated with the India Biotech vaccine, said the covacin vaccine had shown good efficacy at an early trial.

India Biotech is talking about conducting the third largest trial of any vaccine in India.

Professor Sabita Verma said the preliminary results of the trial would be available next March.

Professor Sabita Verma also said that one crore doses of the vaccine are already ready.

In addition, the country’s expert panel is reviewing the application for approval of the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine in India.

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