Health Minister Zahid Malek hopes that the coronavirus vaccine will arrive from India in time.

Health Minister Zahid Malek hopes that the coronavirus vaccine will arrive from India in time. “The problem is new,” he said. I heard it today. As far as this is concerned, I hope the problem will be solved. ‘

The health minister said this at a press briefing held at the meeting room of the ministry at the secretariat on Monday. He said, “After the news of the ban came, we talked to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.” Talks have been held with the High Commissioner of India. Apart from that, they have talked to the officials of Beximco, the local agent of the Seram Institute of India. We are hopeful that there will be no problem in terms of talking to them and having an international agreement on vaccines, “he said.” I have confidence in our long-standing friendship with India.

The health minister said the issue of discounts for vaccine prices is also in the final stage. That’s about 120 ​​million.

At the same press conference, Health Services Secretary Abdul Mannan said he had a message. At that time, the minister said, what he said should be said. The secretary then said that the ban on vaccine exports to India would not affect the agreement with Bangladesh. He said he had talked to the Deputy High Commissioner of India in Bangladesh. The sanctions we are talking about are agreements with various internal organizations in the country. The agreement that Bangladesh has made is with the government. It is an international agreement. It will not fall under the ban. Apart from that, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also spoken of 30 million dose vaccines.

The secretary said, so, there is nothing to be disappointed about. There is nothing to worry about. Apart from that, the government of India has approved the vaccine of Seram. It will take another three weeks to get the approval of the World Health Organization. Therefore, the time has come for vaccination to come to Bangladesh, the vaccination will come at that time.

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