Country’s first elevated expressway Visible

The country’s first elevated expressway has become visible. It connects the north and south of Dhaka. The concerned officials said that non-stop work is going on to complete the work of the project on time.

They said if the Dhaka Elevated Expressway is launched on time, the traffic capacity will increase and the travel time will decrease. Dhaka will be a significant city for comfortable travel.

The elevated expressway at a cost is Tk 6,940 crore for 46.73 km. It will start from Shahjalal Airport and end at Kutubkhali on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway.

The project has been divided into three trenches for construction facilities, bridge department officials said. The first is from the airport to Banani railway station (6.45 km); The second is from Banani Railway Station to Magbazar and the third is from Magbazar to Kutubkhali on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway.

They also said that the progress of this route has been visible in the airport, Banani and Mohakhali parts. Work in Tejgaon, Magbazar, Kamalapur and Sayedabad sections is in full swing.

The first of the three divisions is to make 1,500 piles, of which 1,340 have been completed. 324 out of 350 pilecaps, 239 out of 350 columns and 128 out of 350 crossbeams have been completed.

Besides, the construction work of 224 out of 3,154 Igardar has been completed and the progress has been 56 percent. The rest of the igriders and slabs are being installed quickly.

Preparations for the other two parts are also underway, officials said, adding that work sheds and mixing plants are being constructed as well as labor sheds and soil investigations.

In this regard, Additional Secretary (Development) of the Bridges Department Anwar Hossain said, the construction work of the project is going on uninterruptedly. The overall issue is being closely monitored to complete the work on time.

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