Israel is worried, Iran is in the last step of building a nuclear weapon

The Zionist state of Israel is in deep panic over the progress of Iran’s nuclear program.

The country’s intelligence report says Iran is in the final stages of building an atomic bomb. News from Sputnik.

The intelligence report was published in the Israeli media on Sunday. It added that the United States had been repeatedly told of Israel’s concerns.

Iran’s nuclear program in Vienna has been under discussion with five powerful countries since last April.

In 2016, former US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of a six-nation deal with Iran over its nuclear program, which was reached in 2015 with the United States.

Since then, Iran has been raising the level of uranium enrichment by announcing.

To thwart Iran’s progress, Israel has killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist and launched multiple attacks on its nuclear facilities.

Although he denied any involvement at the time, former Mossad chief Yoshih Cohen has since publicly acknowledged that Israel was involved in the attack.

Last week, Israel’s defense ministry told its government it was concerned about Iran’s nuclear program.

The Zionist country has repeatedly approached the United States to stop Iran. Because Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons means that Israel’s existence is under threat.

Despite pressure from Iran, including sanctions, Tehran has not backed down from its nuclear program.

Straight talk from Iran: Israel has been the owner of the atomic bomb for many years. What is Iran’s fault if the occupying country, which has carried out terrorist attacks on innocent Palestinians, becomes the owner of nuclear weapons?

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