China & Taliban getting closer: creating a new era of relations

International Desk: Fahmida Oishee: Mullah Abdul Gani Baradar, one of the founders of the Afghan Taliban and head of the Taliban’s political wing in Doha, visited China on Wednesday and met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the northern city of Tianjing.

China has been in close contact with the Taliban through Pakistan for some time, but this is the first time any Taliban leader of such stature has visited China. And the visit comes at a time when the Taliban have recently seized key districts in the Afghan province of Badakhshan, which borders China.

Four days before the Taliban leader’s visit, the Chinese foreign minister invited Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. A joint statement issued after a lengthy meeting between the two ministers in Chengdu said that China and Pakistan would work together to ensure stability in Afghanistan.

“Any instability in Afghanistan will have a direct impact on neighboring China and Pakistan,” the Chinese foreign minister said in a statement. As a result, it is very necessary to strengthen cooperation between the two countries

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